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Lonestar Program Controls Group

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Lonestar Program Controls is a consulting firm specializing in transportation and vertical construction projects. Our qualified team represents more than 100 career years in construction management, professional planning, development, implementation and maintenance of highway, tollway and vertical construction projects. Our people employ the latest software and tools to track and measure program performance, control cost and schedules, predict outcomes and communicate with team members. We are boots on the ground, eyes in the sky and truth in the process. Welcome to Lonestar.
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Construction projects come down to time and money, represented by labor, materials and equipment, overlaid on a grid of defined, yet often unpredictable real estate. Program controls help track and measure performance, contain cost and schedules, predict outcomes and communicate status to project stakeholders. It takes years of experience to master the process. But, when you work with us, you can rest assured, you will gain a view of reality on which you can make your best program decisions.


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“With our rich background in construction and long history serving the transportation industry, we know how to communicate the critical success factors necessary to complete safe, well-constructed highway, roadway and tollway projects.”

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Control Your Construction Project with Lonestar

As a consulting firm specializing in transportation and vertical construction programs, Lonestar Program Controls Group serves as your partner in quality. Our contract management services are designed to positively affect your ability to control cost, schedule and project outcomes, including time, labor, materials, equipment, and utility issues associated with completing a 100-percent successful project.



“Partnering with high profile transportation clients over the years has refined our tools and processes to a fine edge. You won’t get a better value for your construction dollar than with Lonestar Program Controls Group.”

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Our dedicated team, deep industry experience and proven software, tools and best practices help our clients
honor their promises and deliver top quality transportation projects.

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